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Is the web dead?

As mobile apps grow and spread, some people say the web is dead. Is HTML5 a deprecated technology? Was it ever a thing? After all, there are few cases of wide HTML5 adoption. For example, can you name any HTML5 games? As someone who has been on both sides of the story (former Android dev and current HTML5 student) let me tell you one thing: there are too many apps. Users can't find a thing. The average user downloads only a few apps they really need (with the exception of games) and the rest of apps are lost in a limbo. I think both the web/HTML5 have their niches. I think mobile users seek an inmediate satisfaction with apps ("on the go") like playing a game at the dentist wating room or taking a picture of their holydays to upload it to social networks, but you would never stream a movie, do excel, or fill a large PDF in a phone, for example. A thing that, with HTML5, you can comfortably do online in your computer. Let's say that computers are more "serious&quo

is it possible to learn a language in a few days?

Since I'm doing HTML5 I'm learning JavaScript (and later HTML) using the following tutorial https://es.javascript.info/ . Since I'm not in a hurry (this is a personal project) I'm reading about 20% of the tutorial everyday, which means I'll finish it in 4-5 days. Is that amount of time enough to learn a languje? Plus, what is the correct way to learn a language? Go through the tutorials/books until the end and then begin to write small programs, or learning just the basics and start coding your project as you finish the tutorial later? Usually I'd go with the latter, but this time I'm going through the whole tutorial first before beggining to code, and my mind is about to explode. JS is so different from the C/C++ I'm used to that I need to re-read the tutorial several times to understand it. JavaScript has very weak typing, and the OOP I like (coming from JAVA) is tedious and complicated in JS.

First project: operation HTML5

I've decided to reboot an old project I already did in Android as an HTML5 application: a stop-motion animator. This time I plan to include a converter to animated GIF/PNG that the original project didn't have, to make it more usable. I'm doing some tests with Animated_GIF.js and I run into some problems like Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'getImageData' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data .   It seems that browsers consider any file in your hard disk as coming from another domain which makes testing even simple projects complicated, and no, using --disable-web-security doesn't work anymore in modern versions of chrome.  I had no choice but to install the project in an Win32 Apache version and run the examples from there.

is programming like riding a bicycle?

Hi. I'm a 40 years old programmer that quit his passion (programming) ten years ago. Recently I've decided to jump into programming again. Will I be able to do it ? Read my blog to find out :P